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  • The Wilson Genealogy is available. NOTE: It's not complete. I'm having trouble linking the various families correctly. I'm pretty sure the data is accurate but you can't find some of it yet. Until it's fixed please let me know if you find any errors and I'll fix them ASAP. My email address is dwilson@wilsonwebsite.com.
  • The Simmons Genealogy is available. NOTE: If a source is not listed then the data associated with it cannot be garanteed. If the source is listed then it has been verified. Janet (SIMMONS) Prior is maintaining this data set. If you have any questions or find any errors, her email is janet@wilsonwebsite.com. She should be able to help.
  • The Wilson Genealog in a new format. NOTE: If a source is not listed then the data associated with it cannot be garanteed. If the source is listed then it has been verified. I am experimenting with a new more traditional format from RootsMagic. There have been a number of updates and corrections. Consider using this site as your secondary source. As allways if you see something wrong let me know...

  • I am incredibly proud of my five children. All of whom have served or are currently serving in the US Armed Services!

    David Brandon Wilson Penelope M. (Wilson) Pelegrino Wendi Belle Wilson Joshua Franklin Wilson Lydia Afton Wilson
    Veteran Veteran Active Duty Active Duty Active Duty
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    Family & News

  • Pictures!
    The Seven Kids all together at once! 06/16/2018
    (Last updated June 2018)
  • Lydia Pictures!
    Lydia and JD horsing around in VA Beach! 06/16/2018
    (Last updated June 2018)
  • 2004 Pictures! Michael, Meg & baby Mae Wilson pictures
    (Last updated March 2004)
  • The Rambles Section! Rambles - The verse (Last updated 11 March 2004)
  • Halloween 2003 - Over 10 years ago! Pictures taken by Sandy.
    (Last updated October 2003)
  • Question? Have any ideas or things you want to do with the site? Or even another site. I have access to a number of domains that aren't being used. Want to experiment? I am a programmer and we can do some pretty fancy things. Lem'me know!! My email address is dwilson@wilsonwebsite.com.

  • A note about sources - Welcome to WilsonWebsite.com. Please note that the genealogy on this site should NOT be used as a primary source of information. Neither this site nor the contributors can be considered authoritative sources except where noted. Please use the data for review and comparision. The exception to this is those names where there are documented sources. These names are to the best of our knowledge accurate based on the listed sources. If an item does not have a source listed then the data may be accurate but hasn't been confirmed.

    Site updates - The site is developing. (Last updated 16 June 2018) There might soon be an update mailing list that will send you an email when there are updates to the site or a specific area of interest. You will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe quickly and privately.

    Also in the works, some type of message board, a links area (where you can add your website's link to the list), maybe a chat room, user polls, this day in history and a number of other things depending on user interest. (Not much interest so far though...)

    I hope to attract some participation in web classes (both students and teachers) in areas of interest to the users and some joint projects using a setup that will allow project management and data sharing. That way we will be able to get a maximum number of resources pooled into one area. Well if you've read this far, then maybe you will catch the vision. I'll be needing help as the various applications are brought onboard. Let me know if you'd like to assist. Meanwhile Enjoy and I hope the genealogy is helpful!

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